Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas

Hi friends,

First, let me share a darling Christmas card I made using a favorite Stampin Up stand set I found on a fellow crafter's Blog that was for sale.

The stamp set is called 'The sounding Joy' and it's so elegant and gorgeous (and easy to use!)  I think I'll be inking this set up for several last minute cards.  I love it on the musical patterned paper background with a nice big ribbon to add oomph.

This year for Christmas our family (on my mother's side) decided to do something a little bit different.  Since everyone lives far apart and most of the kids are growing up with girlfriends/boyfriends and husbands combined with the fact that Bob and I live in a condo, we don't really have one house that everyone fits at.  So we found a great house to rent in Maine for the weekend before Christmas.  We have the house from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.  It's got 5 bedrooms and seems like a perfect spot for our family gathering.

As for gifts it was decided that everyone would get a stocking and each person would bring an item for each persons stocking.  For those on student budgets, it's perfectly fine to get a candy bar for each person and keep the spending to under $5.00.  For others, you can get a personalized gift or gift card.

As Sarah and I considered this new tradition, we were inspired to hand sew stockings for each person.  So Friday after thanksgiving we spent the day with the sewing machine making a dozen cute stockings: red for the girls, green for the boys.

Below are pictures of the crafting day.

And while the girls were up doing the sewing the boys were down in the garage making free standing stocking holders!  We figured we don't want to mess with the rental house and putting stockings up on a mantel so we'll bring our own stocking stands!  Everyone was quite busy!

We almost finished all of them, but we need to get busy to finish them up.  The party is less than 2 weeks away!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great day!

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Karen said...

What a perfectly fabulous way to share your family celebration! The stockings are totally adorable and will become part of a new and cherished Christmas tradition. So happy for you all!