Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A bird card and what's your parenting style?

Hi friends,

Just a quick update for you all.  Below is a fun birthday card I made at a stampin up workshop last weekend.  Even though I have so many supplies, I still love making cards that someone else designed in a group setting.  I just show up and leave with 4 fun cards.  And there are snacks.

I haven't been very chatty on the blog lately so I thought I'd shake things up for you and get you thinking.

 One topic that has been all over my social media accounts lately is the topic of parenting.  Specifically - the extremes of parenting styles.  One hand are the 'helicopter parent's who won't let their 10 year old kid slice a tomato or meat on their plates for fear of injury.  On the other hand are the 'free range' parents who send a 6 year old off with a sibling to the park alone and are outraged when others question their judgement.  So below is a link to an article to get you thinking about where you stand on this topic.
Probably none of us (reading my blog) are fully over in either camp, but which side of the fence do you lean towards?  for me, I definitely lean more toward the free range parenting style as best.  How about you?  Are you more on the helicopter parent side?  Why do you think you fall on one side vs another.  Most likely personal experience (either your own or with your kids) makes you where you are.    My sister and I grew up with a lot of freedom and flexibility.  My kids did too.  Of course times change, but it is interesting to see how significantly what was considered acceptable 20 years ago is now cause for police action!  What do you think.  Go ahead leave a comment and let me know.


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