Friday, January 23, 2015

Acetate Card and new glasses

Hello friends,

When I went to that stampin up workshop last weekend, we made this fun birthday card using acetate as the card.  I've used acetate before (and love the impact) but always forget about how fun and unique this is.

So, do you wear glasses?  I do.  I started wearing glasses when I was in my mid-20's.  I remember driving at dusk one day with a friend and yelling at a pedestrian who walked out in front of my car 'don't you know we can't see you!!!'  My friend said 'you didn't see him?'  I said, no, not until I was almost on him!  And for the record, no he was not walking in the cross-walk!

Well, I went to the eye doctor and got glasses to fix that situation.  Good thing the event happened on a main street with lots of traffic lights and no-one was going more than 5 miles an hour.

So, lucky for me my prescription doesn't change much year to year, so it's been over 2 years since I've gotten new glasses.  Now that Bob wears glasses too, we try to stagger who gets them year to year since they get quite pricey (especially since I love the fun new designer frames.)

A few years ago I discovered that I could save a ton of money by buying my glasses at Target so I went to the Target Optical in my old town.  There was this great guy who worked there, Richard, who was informative, friendly and always helped me pick a nice pair.  So last year, I told Bob to head to Target (and not pay ridiculous optometrist office prices) so he headed to the Target near work (keep in mind this location is 30-40 miles from the one I went to with Richard.  He comes home with a FABULOUS pair of sunglasses and told me that Richard helped him.  I guess Richard lives between the two locations and transferred.

So of course this year, when my flex spending money kicked in, and it was time for me to go get my new glasses, we had to go see Richard.  I actually called the store to see if he was working on Sunday.  The guy who answered said, no, he's not working Sunday but he's here on Saturday.  We made plans to see him and it was funny, when we showed up, he remembered both of us and confessed that when someone (that would be me) called to see if he was working, he thought it was his girlfriend checking up on him.   We all got a good laugh over that and he was thrilled to hear that we changed our schedule to visit the store on a day he was working so he could help us.

No surprise, Richard helped me pick out a great pair of glasses.  They are the ones on the left.
What do you think?
Bob wasn't so sure about the clear... but Richard and I convinced him.  

While we were there I brought a VERY old pair of prescription sunglasses to see if he could adjust them.  They were scratched and VERY crooked on my face.  Richard did a good job getting them in the best shape possible, but since the sunglasses were on sale, both Richard and Bob convinced me to replace those too.  Here they are with just regular lenses in them (to the right), but I think they'll look fabulous as sunglasses.  These pictures probably aren't very good, so when they come in and I pick them up, I'll take some photo's for you to see them.  

Do you have an experience with someone where you go out of your way to be served by them.  Don't you love when you get great service and want to go back to that person?  

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