Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Hello friends,

Happy New Year.  I wish you the healthiest and happiest year ahead.  Are you excited about what 2015 may bring?  I am.  2014 was a busy and joyful year for us and while we loved all the excitement, I for one, am looking forward to a slightly less eventful year ahead, but who knows what surprises may await us.

Before I give you an update on one event we expect to happen in 2015, let me share my Christmas cards.  I found myself way behind the 8 ball this Christmas on cards.  On Sunday December 21st I had not only NOT made any cards, but had not even planned for the design of the cards and we were away celebrating with my mom and sister until lunchtime in ME.  So I got home around 2:30, headed up to the craft room and whipped together two designs and got busy making 10 of each.  Not my best work, but thankfully the stamp sets are fabulous (and easy to use) so I got good results without a ton of effort. Then at 8:30 at night, I had my dear husband busy addressing envelopes and got them in the mail Monday morning.  Hopefully they arrived Christmas week (and not a week later) and next year (I vow) I will start MUCH, MUCH earlier.  The funny thing about this?  I actually bought 4 Christmas stamps this year!  Ba Ha Ha....  At least stamps I CAN plan to use them next year.

So, what do I have in store for 2015?  Well, the big news is that Bob and I are buying a cabin in New Hampshire.  We've been talking about it for many, many years, but this is the year when it will happen.  When my grandmother died, many years ago, she left me an inheritance.  It was not a huge inheritance but enough money to aside with plans to use it for 'something worthwhile.'  We intentionally didn't spend it because we had Sarah and Eric to get through college.  We had been saving for their school since they were babies, but things happen and we wanted to have a little reserve in case they either needed more money for school or our financial situation changed.  Then we downsized and bought a new place (thankfully under the original house budget) and we thought right away, this is good, we can get this place AND still maybe be able to get a place up north.   Then Sarah got engaged and we wanted to be sure we had enough for her wedding. So now that all those things came together, this was the time when we felt it was reasonable to act on the dream.  Things were too uncertain prior to now and we are glad we waited.

Now all this time, we've been 'looking.'  A few years ago we went up north and considered buying land.  We didn't find anything that struck our fancy, and we were nervous about the very unpredictable costs of building from scratch, especially when site work costs can be high in remote areas.  And I've been on the real-estate sites several times a year, seeing what's around in the area we like.

All that thinking and looking, locked us in on the area we wanted to focus on.  We wanted to be near a ski area, less than 2 hours drive from our house and in a 'peaceful' area where we could get away from the city.  We also wanted something, move in ready.  Bob is very handy, but did not want to be a slave to constant repairs on a place that was meant for relaxation.

So, this fall we worked with a realtor and headed up north on multiple occasions to see places that looked interesting.  In mid-December, we found this cabin on a dirt road, in the middle of no-where that we both just loved.  So Monday we headed back up to look at it a second time.  We brought Eric with us and he loved it too, so we made an offer and after a bit of back and forth we got an agreement.  We are set to close in Mid-February.  We are excited.  We have our condo in the city, that is perfect for our Mon-Fri life and now we'll have a mountain cabin to go to on the weekends to get away.  The place we found is less than 20 minutes from Mount Sunapee (a nice mid-size resort right up 89.)  The place is about 1 1/2 hours door to door from our condo and 5 minutes off the highway (where there is a very convenient marketbasket grocery store.)   Half a mile away (in the woods) is a little remote pond (stocked with trout) for fishing and 1 mile away is a town lake for swimming, picnicking and kayaking.

Want to see?  Of course you do!

Here is a view of the cabin from the front door.
This is a view of the 'meadow.'  We don't call it a lawn, it is much too naturalized for that, but it's a nice wide open space.  This is what we see out the window from the kitchen and screened porch.  Eric says it's perfect for wiffle ball.  I think we could set up archery, and a nice wildflower garden.  Bob has plans for a fire pit and Sarah might do some organic gardening for fresh veggies!
Here is a view of the upstairs loft.  There is a half bath and another room in the back.  We think this will be a perfect 'bunk room' for when we have a bunch of people want to stay over.  If we have grandkids, this will be a fun place for them to all sleep!
And here is the screen porch, a very nice place to relax and look out over the meadow.
I didn't take pictures of the downstairs, but trust me, it's very cool.  The main room has a big stone fireplace with a wood stove in it, rustic hardwood floors and beams on the ceiling.  The kitchen is sufficient (not galley size) with painted white cabinets and some old appliances that hopefully work!

The best part is the location.  It's at the top of a hill on a town maintained dirt road.  Our cabin is the last house on the road and then it becomes a class 6 road.  This means no cars, but hiking, ATV's or snowmobiles only.
This is the start of the class six road, heading further up the mountain and into the woods towards the trout stocked pond.  We hiked up it and it was just gorgeous.

So with the cabin, we are hoping that 2015 will be the year of getting out doors more often.  I have no resolutions this year, just a few 'more of this, less of that statements.'  The two I'm focused on today are 'move more, snack less' and 'experience more, purchase less.'  Those seem like good mantras for focus on for the next few weeks.

I hope you have a great start to your New Year.  Thanks for visiting today.

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wrapknot said...

what a fabulous place! i'm so happy you found a spot that speaks to both of you. i can just see you sitting on that porch and walking in the meadow :)