Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wedding Card, Superbowl win and so much snow!

Hi friends,

Today's post is rich with photos.  First up is a wedding card I made this weekend.   Sarah has been asked to be a last minute bridesmaid in a friends wedding.  I guess Sarah and this friend are casual friends, mostly she is a friend of a friend but one of the bridesmaids had to step down at the last minute so Sarah will be in her wedding in mid-February.  I was happy to make a card for her to bring. I wanted to use the brides colors, but the colors are more burgundy/plum than the colors I used, but since it's February and love, I thought this deep pink/red was nice and all my other colors were too lavender like (not really plum like.)  Note to self - buy plum inks and papers when I see them.
This card follows the sketch from Karen Giron's Sweet Sunday Sketch.  It uses Quilled Elegance by Papertrey Ink and some fun Stampin Up patterned paper.  The bling on the edge makes it fun and festive for a wedding and satisfies the sketch element of circle design elements in the upper right corner. 

Here's an up close view of the front.

And here is a picture of the sketch.

So did you watch the Superbowl on Sunday?  Did you root for my team, the New England Patriots or were you there for the party and the commercials.  Oh my word, what a night.  We had soooo many mood swings throughout that game.  Vibrating with excitement all afternoon (well my husband was, me not so much), then elated joy in the first half as we played well and seemed to stand a good chance of winning, then frustration, anger and fear in the 3rd quarter, to downright dismay in the 4th quarter, only to end the game in elation again!  At various points in the 2nd half, my dear husband almost went into cardiac arrest.  He cares a bit too much about how a bunch of young men handle a ball!  Here's a picture of him at the end of the first half feeling happy and confident.  
We found a great way to watch the big game.  We headed to our local pub - John Brewers.  They had great bar seats with good views of the TV, a lively and fun crowd and attentive bar tenders.  The food is good and unlike going to a party, everyone was there for the game.  The place went WILD at the end of the game and it was a lot of fun.

Monday morning brought snow.  Lot's of snow.  this was on top of the 2 feet of snow we got the week before.  Did I mention we have a lot of snow?  It's very white, very fluffy, very cold and way too much of it.  I worked from home and Tank kept me company (with a watchful eye on the neighborhood) all day.
 Bob did a great job clearing the driveway.  This morning was his third pass a the snow.  It just kept snowing all day and night so it required three passes through to enable us to get in an out with the cars.
 The view of my neighbors house from the driveway.  Poor Bob has no place left to blow the snow.
 Tank and Joey put their coats on this morning to go out.  They don't mind the cold, but the salt and sand really bother their feet when we walk in the street.  Of course the sidewalks are not passable!

 This gives a little perspective around the neighborhood.  See how the snow in this yard is up to the doorknob of their front door?
Yup, it's a MESS!  This is after all the snow plows came through.  I think we are going to be walking and driving in this snowy mess for a few weeks.

 Well, hope you have a great day.  Stay warm!

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