Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Care Package

Hi all,

When you were in college did you ever get a care package from home?  I got a few and they were always so exciting to open.    When Sarah was in college, I would always send a spring time package just before the end of the semester as a kind of 'finals prep kit.'  In Sarah's spring box I always included fun PJ's.

I haven't sent Eric anything all year and figured he was due.  I boxed up a bunch of treats for him to arrive just before Easter.  I didn't send him PJ's (although he probably would have appreciated that.) Instead I sent him a Red Sox shirt, and one for Jessa too!  Since he goes to school in the south, he will have a hard time finding any Red Sox gear nearby and my local Walmart was chock full of items. The hard part?  Choosing which T-shirt he would like best!

And of course at the top of the box was a beautiful Easter card for my # 1 son.  I can call him my # 1 son, because he's my ONLY son.

There are very few occasions where you can send a bunny card that says Love You' with purple polka dots, but this was one such occasion.

I was surprised at how expensive it was to mail.  I sent it in a USPS priority mail flat rate box - size medium and it cost me $12.95 to ship.   I think when I sent these to Sarah several years ago it would cost $7.00.  At least I'm not sending the box overseas.  When I would send boxes this size to Sarah when she was in the Peace Corp it would cost me over $50.00 and take at least a month to get there (if it made it to her at all!)

It's no big deal though.  I only send one or two boxes a year.  But next time, I'll use my own box and send it regular parcel post.  I think the convenience of the priority mail box adds a little extra fee.

I sent it last week.  Let's hope he gets it before Easter and let's hope he doesn't overdose on sugar when he gets the box and starts to binge on Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Candy!

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Make it a great day.

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Lisa Petrella said...

What a fabulous Easter card, Linda! And so sweet of you to send a box of goodies to your son!! I always loved getting care packages when I was in college!