Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sarah Kate

As spring approaches, I get nostalgic about my darling Sarah.  She's an April baby and I thought I'd share the card I made for her and some darling photo's of her as a baby as her birthday approaches.

My card is a copy of a beautiful card made by Maile Belles.  Maile's card below has a heart frame with many blossoms in various colors in the middle.

My card goes with a circular frame and similar (but different) blooms.

Check out the link to Maile's blog for details on how she created this beauty.

So, back to baby Sarah.  She was a darling baby - 2 weeks late, but well worth the wait.  She had a bright red mark on her forehead and very little hair.  How funny that the hospital taped a bow to her head for her hospital photo!  She loved to be wrapped up tight in the blankets and when she wasn't wrapped up, we had her in those sweet little nightgowns that have tie bottoms.  She was a colicky baby so Bob and I spent most nights those first months holding her (football style) in our arms and pacing the nursery all night long.  We were exhausted, but loved her to pieces.

And look at her now!   Still adorable, but in a much different way!

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Joan Monroe said...

Ken finally got me back into your blog. I don't know how I lost the link but here I am. These pictures are great. I can close my eyes & picture her so clearly. Maybe because she was the first grandchild. I remember well the week I spent with just her & what a pleasure it was (when I was young and energetic). Where have the years gone. Mom

Karen said...

Beautiful card and even more beautiful daughter! How adorable Sarah is (and you and Bob, too!) in her baby pictures.