Monday, June 22, 2015

Turning a cabin into a cottage

Do you know the correct definition of cabin and cottage?  What do you think differentiates the two? If you are stumped by this question, you are not alone.  Bob and I have been debating it ever since we bought our property up north.

But before I get into that debate, let me share a card I made for my daughter Sarah to give to her friend Alyssa and Andrew.  They are getting married next weekend and Sarah is a bridesmaid.  Alyssa loves bird cages and girly things so even though I didn't have any stamps that matched that description I had lots of patterned paper and just got busy adorning the heck out of the card and voila - a wedding card for Alyssa and Andrew.  The only thing stamped is the sentiment.
So now on to the debate.  At first, I insisted it was a cabin because it had wood on the floors and walls and a big stone fireplace.  Bob insisted it wasn't a cabin because it had heat, running water and a full kitchen.

To me, a cottage was a quaint place on a lake or outside a village in U.K. and it took me a long time to try to re-imagine our 'cabin' as a 'cottage' but now that we've been fixing it up for the last few months, I'm finally ready to make the change.

Since we moved in, we added a lot of quaint and pretty little touches and now I'm happy to call our little getaway up north our cottage.  What do you think?

Below are some photo's for you to use to make your consideration.  What do you think?  Cabin, Cottage or other?
Mulched garden and doggie area

Mulched flower bed in front of enclosed porch

Hallway from main room to bedrooms
Tank on the cozy bed (don't tell Bob!)
Front Bedroom
Front Bedroom
Colorful Kitchen
Colorful Kitchen

Enclosed porch
Blueberries and flowers in the meadow
laundry on the line (drying in the sun!)
Colorful bathroom (with a toothbrush holder for everyone!)

Enclosed porch with son and papasan chair
Decorated mantle over stone fireplace
And probably some of the best photos of all, the view of the fishing pond and forest.  This fishing pond is a 20 minute walk from our front door.  There are no houses on this pond and the only access in is from trails.  Now that summer is here (and fishing season has begun) we do see an occasional fisherman in a boat, but generally it's very peaceful and natural.  Tank loves going to the pond (and going for a swim), Joey not so much so often he stays home for a nap while we head out.
The view of the fishing pond from the hiking trail
View from the pine covered clearing

It's actually pretty big.  Lot's of beaver dams.
The ferns in the woods off the trail
So what's your vote?  Cabin, Cottage or other?  Thanks for visiting today.  Make it a great day.

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Karen said...

Whatever you decide to call it, it's FABULOUS!