Friday, August 21, 2015

The Garden

 Hi friends,

Do any of you garden?  I love to garden, but I only love to work with flowers.  I've tried fruits and vegetables before, but when I've tried in the past I found it a lot of work and not a lot of reward.  I have some great local farmers market, so I consider it helping the local economy to NOT plant a garden and instead frequent those establishments.

My daughter is giving fruits and vegetables a try.  She and my son-in-law put in a pretty decent size garden at the start of the season and they are now starting to harvest some food.  It's fun to see how devoted they both are to the garden.  And I do enjoy having fresh things arrive in the kitchen in time for dinner!

But before I show you pictures of their garden, let me show you a card with flowers on it!
This was a fun card I made for my co-worker who just moved into her apartment.

So back to Sarah's garden.  She and Ivan dug out the bed and put up the fence in April. Throughout May they prepared the soil and in early June they started planting.  She's got a mix of herbs and vegetables and a handful of strawberry plants.  so far we've harvested Basil, Zucchini, purple beans, lettuce and kale.

Here's our proud mother with her babies!  She does baby those plants.  You should have heard her fret about the hard rain storms (with HAIL!) and how her babies were surviving and don't get me started on her worrying about her tomatoes (that are not thriving.)  She's very passionate about her plants and is really enjoying working out there each weekend.

Below are various photo's of the garden at each of the different stages of the season.

Weeding in August - Bob relaxing (a rare sight!)
August Crop
August crop (up close)
June - working and weeding

June - just getting started

May (keeping it moist with straw)
May - High Hopes
April - and so it begins
April - tilling the soil
April - Ivan working hard
April - the happy anticipation
April - working together

Thanks for visiting my blog today.   Stay tuned, I hope to be more crafty now that the heat waves are over and intend to blog more often.