Thursday, September 3, 2015

Masculine Birthday Card

Hi friends,

I needed a masculine birthday card.  Sigh.  This is probably my biggest card making challenge.  What to do, what to do, what to do....  So I cheated.  I went to Pinterest and found a card that inspired me.  I did not have the same flower stamp/die set, but I took the basic idea and came up with this.

Using blue's and browns was my best attempt to make a floral card look slightly masculine.  It's not my favorite card, but it will do.  Below is the card I made.

And here is my 'inspiration' card from pinterest.
This came from a crafty website called Scrappin and Stampin in GT.

So let's talk about being thrifty.  Do you think that being thrifty is the same as being cheap?  I don't. In my mind, someone who is cheap is someone who is stingy with their money and selfish.  A cheap person is someone who never takes his wife out to dinner.  A cheap person is someone who tips less than 15%, or only tips 15% when the bill is under $10.00.  A cheap person is someone who is not willing to pay someone for their hard work and looks to cheat people out of fair wages.  But a thrifty person?  Ah, that is something very different in my mind.  A thrifty person is someone who is careful with their money and looks for ways to repair an item before buying a new one.  A thrifty person is not hung up on brand names and will consider a brand that is not well known and consider buying a purse that doesn't have a fancy name, if the bag seems to be well made and fashionable.  A thrifty person is willing to buy second hand items when a need arises.  And, of course, a thrifty person looks for coupons and sales for times when they are buying new to get the best deal.  A thrifty person doesn't only buy from 'big box stores' and is often willing to pay more for locally made or hand-made items, but a thrifty person is aware of what they need and looks to get a good value for their money.

So, I would hope that my family and friends would lump me in the thrifty category.  Have you ever heard of a store called Savers?  It's my favorite store!   Savers is basically a thrift store, similar to the Salvation Army only much better quality and variety depending upon the store location.   There is a Savers very close to my office and I go there often, especially when looking for household items.  On Monday they had 50% off all furniture and large items.  I got a pasta bowl and three lawn chairs for $10.00.  (-:  A few weeks ago I found a salad spinner for $3.00.    All items are donated and the profits from sales all benefit local charities.  I feel good about buying things there.

I don't generally buy my clothes or shoes there, but have been seen browsing the jeans and belt section for my dear husband.  Especially when he kept wearing a pair of jeans (for cutting the grass) that were two sizes too big for him.

I also love to scout around Craigs list whenever a need arises.  And, of course, I love a coupon or sale at my favorite store or restaurant.  Sarah and I enjoyed a yummy lunch last Friday at Paparazzi's with a free appetizer. Then we hit Joanne fabrics and scoped out the clearance rack for fabric for the glider.  We scored 5 yards of a nice gray linen blend for under $20.00.  Happy Dance.

How about you?  Are you thrifty?  Do you know anyone who is cheap?  What are your thoughts on the subject?

Thanks for visiting today.  Make it a great day.

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