Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall themed birthday card

Hi friends,

Just a quick post today to share a fall themed birthday card I made. My dear husband had a birthday last week and rather than go the masculine route or the romance route, I chose to go with a fall theme.

We didn't do anything special for his birthday, but it was nice to relax up at the cabin.  Well, we actually only relaxed on Friday and Saturday evening.  Saturday day-time Bob spent uncovering a mouse nest that we suspected was behind the broom closet up against the fireplace.  

Sarah and I wisely headed out to the farmers market to buy fixings for dinner.  Bob is very dramatic and vocal when he finds disgusting things and based on the SMELL that was coming from that closet, we knew there was something nasty behind that closet.  

The good news is the mouse poison is working. The bad news is we killed a mouse who then ran into his hidden nest, in the house and well, you get the rest.  Bob said it looked like a mouse condo back there that had been lived in for years.  Yuck.  The joys of living in the woods!

The way we did celebrate was with a yummy dinner.  The farmers market has local meat so I got some nice steaks for dinner.  Sarah made a very decadent cake for dessert; brown butter cake with roasted apples. Her recipe called for a pound of butter and one cup of walnuts.  It tasted like the crust of a cheesecake.  Yum and so pretty, but very rich and filling.

Oh and notice that beautiful wall hanging in the background?  My Aunt made that for us and mailed it to us this past summer.  It's perfect there above the fireplace mantel welcoming everyone to our little bear lodge. So many people have sent us cute little bear things.  It's fun having a theme for our lodge.

Thanks for visiting today. Make it a great day.

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